International Association for Cultivated Plant Taxonomy

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The need for an international association to represent the interests of those involved or interested in the taxonomy and nomenclature of cultivated plants has been apparent for some time.

A series of very successful symposia combined with the activities of the Horticultural Taxonomy Group (Hortax) ( in the UK and the Vaste Keurings Commissie (VKC) ( in The Netherlands have also increased general awareness. They have drawn attention to a number of important issues in cultivated plant taxonomy and related areas including statutory testing of cultivars, intellectual property rights, trademark law, stability of names, use of databases, nomenclatural standards, and current developments in assessing and documenting relationships among cultivated plant taxa.

There has also been increased emphasis on the importance of accurate and unambiguous nomenclature as evidenced by the publication of two new editions of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) in the last 12 years.

Until now there has been no organisation at international level to bring together people interested in cultivated plant taxonomy and provide a forum for the exchange of opinion and information. It is anticipated that IACPT will not only fill this need but also:

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