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Saskia Bodegom
Since 1999 working as taxonomist and registrar for the Royal General Bulbgrowers Association (KAVB), the International and National Registration Authority for many bulbous genera. Involved in developing the database of the KAVB. One of the editors of the Supplement 2005 Classified List and International Register of Tulips Names. One of the authors of two publications on the new Hippeastrum cultivar classification.
Member of the ISHS Commission for Nomenclature and Cultivar Registration.
Member of the Plantscope Commission for Taxonomy.
Studied Biology at Leiden University, The Netherlands and graduated in the field of Plant Systematics and Evolution Biology. During her studies she worked on taxonomical revisions in the families of Euphorbiaceae and Melastomataceae and was one of the authors of a fieldguide for identification of seedlings of tropical forest tree species of East-Kalimantan.
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