International Association for Cultivated Plant Taxonomy

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M.H.A. (Marco) Hoffman, MSc (October 22, 1964) is Scientist Taxonomy at the Applied Plant Research station from Wageningen UR (The Netherlands). Finished study Biology (main topic Plant taxonomy) at University of Wageningen in 1991. Worked on several variety trial projects (e.g. Philadelphus, Taxus, Hydrangea, Syringa, Thymus, Aster, Monarda, Nepeta) and published many articles and reports of the results of the trials. Since 1995 composer/leader of the List of names of woody plants and List of names of perennials. Since 2002 secretary of the “European Plant Names Working Group” from the European Nursery Association (ENA). From 1998-2007 curator of the Assortment Garden “Harry van de Laar” in Boskoop. From 1999 chief editor of the magazine Dendroflora. Also columnist for several magazines and websites.
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